Effervescent Sparks

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Campers in a circle

Three weeks ago, Camp Miniwanca sprang to life after 18 months of cocooning and the first missed summer in almost 100 years. The sacred spaces and places welcomed the Rekindle summer family. Over 200 campers arrived to the sand dunes, ready for their fun-filled journey to rediscover their own best selves.

Outside the arched wooden gate, everyone felt the effects of social isolation, disappointment, and an array of heavy emotions. As a community they committed to walk alongside each other, in cabin groups, Quad teams, and as one interconnected family to rekindle their own sparks into a bright flame.

Leaders and campers accepted the dare to live balanced lives, working on their Four Folds: mental, physical, social, and religious/spiritual. Together they journeyed, celebrating with belly laughs, Eating Lodge flash mob dancing ,and joyful outbursts with each realized goal. As they packed their trunks and shook the sand out of their shoes, 200 sparks burned brightly, collectively shining as the Rekindle Founder Fire.

As you reconnect with your camper, we trust you will see their effervescent spark. We know they will carry their unique light out into the world, brightening every corner and community while daring those around them to strive for their own best selves.