Early Bird Excitement

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Miniwanca early bird summer campers cheer during steal the bacon

In mid-August, the year-round summer camp teams at Merrowvista and Miniwanca each shared in countless hugs, tidied up, and waved as several hundred summer staff drove away with another incredible summer in their rear view mirrors.  Now that the season is past, we have had some time to reflect, and to do all of the little things to put the finishing touches on an amazing set of memories.

All of the anticipation of the past month leads to the moment where we can open registration for summer 2017! Though we can imagine it now, each passing day and each smiling camper face brings it closer to reality. As we count down the days (yes, we do that in September), here are three reasons why our camp teams gets excited during Early Bird.

  1. We get to start planning our program for next summer. Early Bird is our first glimpse at what our community will look like. We get to start planning those night’s doings, cabin activities, Polar Bears and Go-Getters activities that serve the unique needs of the campers who join us each summer.
  2. Campers mean we get to hire staff! Finding the amazing staff members who work at Miniwanca and Merrowvista is no easy task. We scour the earth to find the best and brightest youth development professionals, and Early Bird starts to tell us what skills and people we need to focus on finding.
  3. We get to reconnect with our friends! It may sound silly since we get to be at camp year-round, but even we get a bit camp sick! It’s just not the same without all of our campers filling our days with laughter, song, and smiles. Watching for new registrations during Early Bird season is the same as receiving a holiday card. We learn about how you’ve grown, and what challenges you plan to take on during the next summer! The shouting in our offices goes something like this: “Ooh! Sarah is going to be a Voyageur!” or “David will be with us for 6 weeks!”

If you’re ready to learn more about summer camp, give us a call, or take a look at our website. If you just can’t wait, you can register now for Merrowvista and Miniwanca. Early Bird registration closes at the end of October, and we’d love to see your name already on the roster!