Dreams Come True

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You heard it here first, parents, guardians, and friends – dreams really do come true!

While this morning started off just like every other day in Girls Camp, with a Morning Stretch from cabin 52B on the subject of positive community, we quickly shook things up. Campers were greeted in the dining hall this morning with fairy lights and streamers hung from the ceiling because today was Dreams Come True Day!

We launched Dreams Come True Day last summer in the second half of the summer as an day to shake things up a little and give campers the chance to do that one thing they were really wishing for in their summer. And so today campers spent their day tie dying, tubing the creek, sailing, doing paddle sports, making their own ice cream, creating flower crowns, learning to cook in the outdoors, climbing our high ropes course, and more. It was a fun and exciting day of adventure as the campers took on some of our most favorite activities.

The Food Program team kept us fueled and ready to go today too with a French Toast bake for breakfast, fajitas for lunch, and meatloaf at dinner. A crowd favorite, of course, was dessert which tonight were cookies the size of the average Darer’s face!

After such fun throughout the day, we knew we had to end on a high note too, and so we headed to the Upper Lodge to prep for Leader Hunt. As the name suggests, the leaders all found hiding places around camp and the campers had to search for them and find them. The more leaders the campers found, the more points they got. The scores are still to be tallied, but we will find out tomorrow which Quad searched the hardest.

We closed this evening with a reflection on Positive Community from one of our Trailblazer groups. As the group shared their thoughts and ideas, the setting sun painted the sky glorious pinks and purples. This beautiful sight is what we’ll take with us as we head now to our beds and to rest. Tomorrow looks like it will be another amazing Miniwanca day and we can’t wait to greet it.