Dreams Come True, Adventure Day!

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At Miniwanca, Quads support each other and people flourish as they dare to dream. The golden sun shined brightly above downtown Miniwanca to kick off Dreams Come True, Adventure Day!

Campers signed up to daringly try something new. At camp, we call it “challenge by choice.” Adventures included outdoor cooking in the Community Circle as campers built a fire, filled a pot with all the ingredients for peach cobbler, and made s’mores.

On Stony Lake, a steady breeze blew as Darers and Wayfinders launched boats, gaining confidence at kayaking, canoeing, and sailing. Encouraging words were heard at the high ropes challenge course. “Hey everyone, Lucy just reached her goal!” a leader shouted. Campers responded in unison, “Way to go, Lucy!”

In this place, campers learn to embrace the rhythms of life. After a tasty lunch of fish, chips, green salad, and fresh fruit, even the announcement of extended rest hour received a hearty outburst of cheers. During free swim in the hot afternoon sun, campers created Miniwanca sandcastles were created.

After dinner and a day of high energy discovery, the community moved into age-group activities. Seekers gathered in the Eating Lodge for board games, and Pathfinders hung out on the beach. Soon, everyone trickled back to their comfy cabins to sleep before another day of daring, learning, and growing into their Own Best Selves.