Dreams Come True

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Dreams Come True Day, Miniwanca, Girls Camp

On Tuesday, we asked our campers to help us come up with an incredibly special day for our community and they were full of ideas – sleep in late, eat lots of snacks, go on a van ride, tube the creek, go sailing, make slime, bake with Food Program, make their own ice cream and more! From their many ideas, we created today – Dreams Come True Day.

Campers got to sleep in late and skip morning stretch to go right to breakfast to eat French toast, sausage, whip cream and strawberries this morning. Campers were greeted in the dining hall this morning with fairy lights and streamers hung from the ceiling. After that, we jumped right in to the fun and excitement as the campers took on some of our most favorite activities.

The Food Program team kept us fueled and ready to go today too with a hot dogs, potato wedges, and grapes for lunch, and vegetable lasagna at dinner. A crowd favorite, of course, was dessert which today we got to enjoy at both lunch and dinner!

After such fun throughout the day we headed to the Council Circle for Low Council. The campers preformed skits, songs, commercials, and mysteries.  The campers performances were in the style of a cooking show, a spy movie, a video game, and a fashion show. At the end of the night, the Dunes pulled out the win for their excellent inclusion and creativity. They even came up with a new cheer to encourage hydration!

We closed this evening with the setting sun painting the sky glorious pinks and purples and a camp fire on the beach. Some of our lucky campers are currently sleeping out on the beach beneath a beautiful night sky, in full view of the Milky Way and some shooting stars. It’s a perfect end to an amazing day.