Doc Wheels Fun Run

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Doc Wheels, Polar Bear, Miniwanca, Girls Camp

Today at Camp Miniwanca we had a not so typical day. We started off with the famous Doc Wheels Fun Run, where campers get to run on a path that takes them all through camp and even up Old Baldy. They end their run on the shore of Lake Michigan where they do a nice refreshing Polar Bear to cool them off from their run. For breakfast, we had bananas, oranges, cheese sticks, and the most delicious donuts.

After breakfast, the campers got to dress up their leaders and they had a blast. We had special guest appearances from Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers! For lunch we had hot dogs, potato wedges, vegetables, and grapes  and the campers ate it all up. After lunch the campers had a much needed extended rest hour. In the afternoon, the campers were able to do their Interest Groups which involve going to the craft house, high ropes, to the lake, and so much more. After their Interests Groups the campers had their usual Free Time before dinner.  Tonight’s delicious dinner included herb chicken, mashed potatoes, and coined carrots.

Tonight’s Nights Doings were special because our Avail campers got to lead the activity! They came up with a game called Troll Hunt in which the campers had to get hints from trolls to find flags of their Quad colors. Tonight was also special because the leaders got to perform their songs to all of Girls Camp. We had songs with the tunes of Old Town Road, Sucker, and Thank you, Next.

Evening reflection tonight was lead by the Explorers who talked about compassion. As always, the night ended with a beautiful sunset on Lake Michigan.