Day 7 – July 17, 2021

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  • Tri-Pyramid led this morning’s flag raise. They shared a heartfelt list of all they’re truly grateful for this summer.
  • Chocorua’s creativity was on full display in the New Jersey Lodge. They made and gifted beaded necklaces and bracelets filled with some of their favorite things and special messages.
  • Over at the Waterfall, Moosilaukee took on the Burly Test – a time-honored tradition where they hike up to the Waterfall, scale the river rocks, and dunk their heads into a spout of water to cool off!
  • Wayfinder A spent the morning prepping to head out on trail. Hard hats and smiles could be found throughout the excited group.



  • After lunch, Mahoosuc took on an exciting game of knockout on the basketball court.
  • One of this day’s highlights was definitely the Pioneer Community Celebration. After an inspiring series of shoutouts, Blueberry, Chocorua, Tri-Pyramid, and Whitecap played a very entertaining game of dodgeball.
  • Wayfinder D/E headed out on a canoe trip down Dan Hole Pond.


Two words: Wacky Dinner!

  • There were bananas, tutus, cat collage shirts, fireball jumpers, a zigzag toga, a waffle costume, drawn-on mustaches, and so much more! This evening’s dinner was made all the brighter by a sea of campers in goofy garb.

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