Creatures are on the move at Merrowvista

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Merrowvista has many unique evening traditions like Fire Circles, Evening Reflections, and Candlelight Sing. On nights without a special tradition, the community gathers for Night’s Doings.

This year, Merrowvista introduced a new Night’s Doings called Creature Crossing. Campers had to use clues to find hidden creatures (costumed village leaders) around camp.

Once they found a creature, they had to complete a task to the creature’s satisfaction to convince it to go with them to their team’s island on the basketball court. For the creatures to stay on an island, the campers had to continue doing what the critter asked. Campers fell over themselves to tell funny jokes, fetch apples, or complete other silly asks to tempt the creatures back.


Competition was fierce. Other islands could lure animals away from their opponents if they were able to achieve what the creature asked better or faster. Every minute, judges tallied the number of creatures on the islands, and each team issued points accordingly. At the end, Whitecap managed to convince the most creatures to take up residence on their island.

Creature Crossing has quickly become a hit with the campers at Merrowvista.