Creating and Sharing Together

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Cabin 15 - 2016

Most Miniwanca mornings begin with the Polar Bear Call, inviting all campers to Dip, Dip-Dip-Dip into Lake Michigan.  The last several days the water has been warm enough that some campers haven’t wanted to get out of the beautiful blue water! As the girls shuffle back to their cabins with towels wrapped around their sandy bodies, the Morning Bell rings, waking the rest of the camp.

Friday’s activities and reflections centered around sharing. Life at camp involves sharing everyday–our activities, our meals, (our bathrooms!), our thoughts and our challenges–but bringing special attention to it helps everyone realize their contributions and appreciate those of others.

The Pipers got geared up with helmets and carabiners to take the High Ropes Challenge. The Junior 6th and 8th graders Tubed Stony Creek, which opens into Lake Michigan. Our 7th Grade Foresters packed for their Wellsite camp-out and Seniors prepared for the big T-1-4 competition coming up on Sunday. Our Odyssey and Voyager groups get closer to their homecoming each day!

Friday evening closed with Age Group Cabin Time instead of our usual full-camp Evening Reflection. The Pipers splished and splashed at their Shower Party and then slept in the Upper Tipi, (cleverly coined the Upper Slee-py), which overlooks Lake Michigan. The Juniors enjoyed a showing of High School Musical 3 in the Assembly. Boys Camp Senior Avail campers joined our Avail campers for a night of fun and teamwork in Graceland field.

Saturday, Emma and her Piper Cabin, #11, led the camp in Morning Stretch. Creativity was the focus of the day, and wow, did we see this explored and actualized throughout the camp!  New Interest Groups began Saturday, including a brand new Craft House option, Trash-to-Treasure. Archery, Woodshop, Yoga & Meditation, Horseback Riding, Hike & Dip are just a few of the great new options.

Saturday night’s activity is a perennial favorite: the Lip Sync Battle. The girls really break-it-down. While we’ll have to wait until our next entry to know which cabin wins the Battle, here’s a brief glimpse of the line-up:

22 by Taylor Swift; Cabin 22

That’s What make you Beautiful by One Direction; Cabin 31

Summer Lovin’, Grease Soundtrack; Waterfront Staff

Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus; Cabin 52A

Soon the sun will set, trailing pinks and purples in the darkening sky. Gentle breezes will rustle the leaves, voices will become whispers and we’ll climb into our bunks, resting up for the next day of Miniwanca fun.