Girls Camp

July 9, 2018

Tribal Cup

Today on the sand dunes of Miniwanca we had a little bit of an abnormal day. Boys and Girls Camp both woke up a little …

July 7, 2018

Another Beautiful Day at Miniwanca

Today we woke up to yet another beautiful day here at Camp Miniwanca. The temperatures have settled a bit leaving us with cool mornings once …

July 5, 2018

Back to a Typical Day

After an amazing Fourth of July our schedule went back to our typical day today. We were woken up by the polar bear call as …

July 4, 2018

Party in the U.S.A

Happy Fourth from everyone here at Girls Camp! We started out this wonderful morning with an all camp polar bear in our pajamas. We all …

July 4, 2018

4Trails Girls Camp Update!

After several hot days out on trail, campers woke to a cooler morning thanks to a rain storm that moved through Michigan several nights ago. …

July 3, 2018

Girls Camp First Full Day

After many hot days on Lake Michigan the weather finally cooled down after some rain last night. This morning was beautifully sunny with some cool …

July 2, 2018

Opening Day for 2 Weekers

Today was a sleep in day and we couldn’t have been happier! After slowly making our way to breakfast we had our favorite, Wancabread!! Wancabread …

June 27, 2018

First Typical Day at Girls Camp

It was a sunny start to our Tuesday over in Girls camp! Everyone was decked out in their onsies for Onsie Tuesday! Our Adventurer Girls …

Miniwanca, Summer Camp, Michigan, Lake Michigan, Polar Bear, Girls Camp

August 3, 2017

Closing Council and Odyssey Vespers

Today is the last full day at Miniwanca. We continue to be astonished that the session is nearly over. Campers came out in full force …

August 2, 2017

Ride In Day!

Ride In Day at Miniwanca! Some even refer to it as “a day better than Christmas”. On this exciting day, we welcomed home our intrepid …

Adventurer, Miniwanca, Four Trails, Adventure Trips, Summer Camp, Michigan

August 1, 2017

The Return of Adventurer & Explorer

This morning there was a beautiful start to the day as the mist burned off in the morning sunshine. Our brave Polar Bears headed down …

Tribal Cup, Miniwanca, Girls Camp, Co-ed, Michigan, Summer Camp

July 30, 2017

Tribal Cup and Something Sacred

What a wonderful Sunday we have had here at Miniwanca! We started off our day waking up gently to the beautiful sunrise. Sunday is the …

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