Camp Risk launches at Merrowvista 2022

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The Four Fold tournament is underway at Merrowvista, and the competition is intense. On Wednesday morning, the teams assembled at the Activity Center to learn more about an event new to the tournament this year.

Camp Risk is an updated and more action-packed version of Camp Conquest of years past.

There were four zones in the central camp area for the tournament’s four teams: two in the meadow and two on the activity field. Each team had five jewels, each corresponding to a level of points. Teams tried to steal jewels from other teams.

Teams can also earn points by tagging other players who enter their zone. To reenter the game, the tagged camper must sing a camp song or be tagged by a team member. The updated game allows campers to be more engaged and provides a greater sense of healthy sportsmanship.

As the week comes closer to an end, we will soon find out the winner of Session A’s Four Fold Tournament.