Camaraderie and Competition

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July 14 was a beautiful day at Miniwanca without a single cloud in the sky. Girls campers took in the sunshine all day as they cruised through their last day of this week’s interest group activities.

Clay Creation in the pottery barn put the finishing touches on their masterpieces. Make Your Mark spent the day outside with a beach clean-up project, and Dungeon & Dragons players completed their final quests. As the campers finished their projects or had a last dip in Lake Michigan, their minds began to stir with what the potential opportunities for the next round of interest groups would be.

Night’s Doings consisted of the Low Quad Circle, where quads gather together to perform skits and songs they’ve created. The performances were scored by the most esteemed judges: Sesame Street’s Elmo and two sisters from Denmark wearing Hawaiian shirts. It was an incredibly tight competition, but the Ridges pulled ahead to take the first place spot.

To round out a perfectly typical day, the Explorers led Evening Reflection as the discussed their thoughts on the idea of imagination. A beautiful sunset lined the beach for a mindful practice of reflecting on the day.