Brand New Faces, Brand New Places

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At Miniwanca, there are many exciting changes taking place within the community at Boys Camp. It’s the start of Week 2, which means there are new interest group rotations for the next four days. 

Campers were eager to begin spending their time exploring new activities or enhancing their skills during an activity they have participated in before. The staff were equally excited to offer new interest groups for the first time.

The Adventurers and Explorers have been hard at work practicing skills necessary for their time on trail. All that preparation will now be tested as campers head to the Manistee River for a five-day canoe trip or to Manitou Island for an eight-day hiking excursion. 

With many hellos and many goodbyes, time is passing quickly at Miniwanca. Campers won’t waste a moment of the remaining days of Session B as they discover more about their own best selves through fun and challenge.