Boys Camp – Best in Show

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Arrows about to fly

Wednesday at Boys Camp was awesome! We again followed our typical day schedule. During Community Time the age groups divided into camp to have adventures as a smaller community. The Seniors discussed the legacy they are leaving to Boys Camp. The Challengers divided into two groups; one went tubing on Stony Creek, and the other worked on a mural to benefit camp. The Darers tackled Old Baldy, and explored the dune system.

Up next was Tribal Games. The days competition was “Best in Show,” a game where the tribes competed to dress up their leaders based on varying themes. Some of the outfits were hilarious, and the campers enjoyed the slower pace on a hot day.

One of the Best in Show

After lunch and rest hour, we gathered in Council Circle for Assembly, which is usually a highlight of any day at Miniwanca. It was especially fun this time as the Waterfront Team showed off their lifesaving skills, and one of our LITs introduced a new way to sing “Weenie Man.”

Afternoon Interest Groups saw sailors on the water, discs flying in A-Bay, murals getting painted, and Bigfoot getting tracked. Everyone is having fun, and mastering new skills.

Our evening game was Scavengers, which is a multi-part scavenger hunt. It includes hidden tokens to locate around camp, a list of 40 items to find, and some riddles to solve. Campers enjoyed the layered challenge, but it was the Breakers who won the night by 1 point!

What a great day to be in Boys Camp.