A Beautiful Day

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MW Ropes 2016

The day began with morning stretch led by our Explorer 1 group who shared stories and quotes about the beauty of the world around them.  After flag-raising and breakfast, the campers headed off to CORE.

During CORE the Pipers did a trust building activity that involved tree hugging (literally) and the Juniors split off with their cabins to further reflect on beauty. In small groups, they talked about inner beauty and what they admired about each other. The Avail Seniors began prepping for their off-site service with Shelby Public Schools. Tomorrow they will be facilitating games all morning with some summer school students.

Following Interest Groups 1 and 2, lunch, and rest hour, the campers split off into their assigned tribes and had a Tribal Meeting. They began planning skits and songs to share at Tribal Council tomorrow night.

The Night’s Doings was the very popular– Leader Hunt! Leaders were given time to hide somewhere around camp and the campers were set free to go looking. Different staff members were worth different points and when a leader was found, they were taken back to the central location to receive points for their tribe.

After the excitement of Leader Hunt, the campers and leaders alike cooled down with Vespers on the beach lead by Cabin 15. After reflecting on the theme throughout the day, the cabin shared their own ideas about beauty. It was a great closing to a beautiful day at Miniwanca!