A Beautiful Silver Day

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Today’s theme of the day has been Best Self, and through this beautiful silver day our campers have shown how they can be their best by being cheerful even when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

The day started off with some sun in the sky for Polar Bear, and we had the chance to listen to cabin 18 talk about when they are their own Best Selves during Morning Stretch. After breakfast campers headed off to CORE where they and their cabin mates talked about the idea of being their own selves, at their very best, all the time, and what that entails. The morning interest groups went off without a hitch, and just as campers were walking to lunch the first drops of rain started to fall.

Rest hour was a peaceful affair with the sound of rain gently falling on the roofs of the cabins, and the afternoon involved many indoor activities. The rain abated long enough for our intrepid sailors to head out on the waters of a perfectly calm Stony Lake, but on the other side of the dunes the wind kept campers from playing in Lake Michigan for Free Time. Campers headed to the Wood Shop and the Ceramics Barn instead to finish projects or to see what they could experience in their days here at Miniwanca.

This evening our campers split off to do Night’s Doings with their age groups. Our Four Trails campers had some cabin choice time, where some chose to create homemade spa products, some created crafts for on-trail activities, and others helped out with the younger campers. Our one week cabins and our 3 week Pipers and rising 6th graders headed up to the Upper Tipi for a Pajama Party. They sang, danced, roasted s’mores, and read stories by the fire. The 7th grade campers got to create a little tie dye and then learned to make ice cream with just a few supplies! Warning parents: this project is so easy your campers are almost guaranteed to come home and ask to do it again! Our Trailblazer campers had the chance to participate in a team challenge and worked together to build a bridge designed by DaVinci himself.

All in all, it was a beautiful silver day. We’re all looking forward to being lulled to sleep by the rain.