A Beautiful Silver Day at Miniwanca

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Miniwanca, Zumba, Girls Camp, Michigan, Summer Camp

Welcome to a beautiful silver day here at Miniwanca! We all woke up to gray skies and the threat of rain, but campers took it in stride and headed down to Lake Michigan for their early morning Polar Bear. Morning Interest Groups were uninterrupted by the possible rain giving campers the chance to build Fairy Houses on the beach, dance in Zumba, read with a beautiful view of Lake Michigan, build flower crowns in Nature Art, and play soccer in the Hollow.

The rain broke just as campers were entering the Eating Lodge for a lunch of soup and sandwiches and luckily passed before the meal had even ended, leading to a quiet and cool Rest Hour. In Tribal Games, campers competed in Block Soccer, Deck Tennis, Captain Ball, and Smash Ball. Be sure to ask about all of these great camp games, which each add a fun twist to traditional and competitive sports here at camp.

The afternoon brought campers the chance to Watercolor, Chill with Chels, make Pottery and more. Unfortunately, rain interrupted our fourth period. Campers from waterfront Interest Groups headed to the Eating Lodge for a board game party. During Free Time, the hunt for the paddle was on. Today’s clues were “The paddle is near the grapes,” and “It is a mark of leadership to adjust.” Campers headed out to find grapevines and searched around buildings that might be linked to leadership with no luck.

After dinner, with more rain threatening on the forecast, campers headed off to Assembly for Grab Bag! In this wacky Night’s Doings, each cabin fill a pillowcase with random things they brought with them to camp and gathers as a tribe. The announcer will list an item, such at “A Harry Potter book,” and each tribe will have to either produce such an item or get as close as they can to the item as fast as possible. The first tribe to convince the judge that they have the correct item wins the round. Tonight, the Dune Tribe brought plenty of creativity and speed to the game and won!

We ended our night with an evening reflection brought to us by Cabin 12 on beauty. It’s been another great day at Miniwanca, even with with rain, and we can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us!