August 9th – Four Trails Update

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With just about a week left in the session, we are getting ready to send our last trips out for the summer.

Shaw village returned from their canoe trip on Monday with great stories of weathering storms and fantastic sunsets over lakes. Since returning to camp, they have been practicing their biking skills! They also enjoyed some time swimming in Dan Hole Pond and supporting each other while doing a high ropes course challenge together in the Activity Center. We will surely miss them when they leave on their bike trip on Friday.

We were all amazed when Flag village returned from their bike trip with quite a bit of “trail booty,” or found objects from the road. It sounds like they really hit their stride on the bike and enjoyed some spontaneous fun along the way.  While in camp, they have been enthusiastically working to finish blazing a new connection trail with the waterfall at Merrowvista. They will be heading out for their hiking trip in the Mahoosucs on Friday (with a new appreciation for trail work, we’re sure)!

Chocorua village has been enjoying their time on the Appalachian Trail. They have completed the Saddleback range and now set their sights on the Bigelows! Hot on their tracks is Nesuntabunt village. We heard word that they were on top of Saddleback Mountain today, or at least we thought we could hear a faint “TONGO” in the distance. The girls are looking forward to their resupply in the near future. More hot sauce is on the top of their wish list!

Katahdin village has been humming along Route 1 on their bike trip. Tomorrow they have 20 miles to travel before they make their way to Bar Harbor! We hope they enjoy some well-deserved ice cream, rest on the beach and exploration in the town.

Voyageur Co-ed has slowly been taking in all the South Shore has to offer. Although they encountered some simple bike problems and rain yesterday, they proceeded with vim and vigor to Peggy’s Cove today. We hope blue skies are in their future.

Voyageur Men are also making their way back from Cape Breton Island. Rolling hills and the Bay of Fundy are coming their way.

Both Odyssey groups were re-supplied in the past week. They were so grateful for fresh clothes, new food and word from camp and home. Odyssey Co-ed is spending tonight at Sandy Beach Bush Camp, a beautiful campsite right on the beach of a lake known to have some pretty cool beaver activity! Tomorrow they will be tackling the small, but mighty Nesuntabunt Mountain.

Odyssey Women are one day behind them, currently staying at Antler’s campsite, known for clear views of the sky, good swimming and an excellent privy!