August 8th – The Night of Low Council

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‘Twas the night of low council and all through the land

Villages were gathering up to sing on command

The night was spent together, under the light from the stars

The sound of our voices combined could be heard from afar


My name is Kelcie and I am your narrator for tonight

I am a Pioneer Coordinator and have been known to be sprite

This is my version of today’s events

So please stay tuned to read how it all went


The morning started off just a little bit odd

Leader switch day was upon us, camp was about to be guffawed

The leaders switch places and wake up in a different cabins

Adding some flair to what we are used to happenin’


Silent breakfast follows the commotion of the switch

It becomes hard to fight the talking itch

Our voices rang out together to end the meal

We began this silver day with an abundance of zeal


The day was filled with an assortment of activities,

Volleyball, archery, canoeing, and swimming

Guardians of the garden explored camp’s wild plants

Games were played and skills were enhanced


It was a traditional camp day with an extra touch

Smiles and laughter were shared just as such

After the day, the vibe is quite zen

We can’t wait to wake up and do it all again!