August 5th – Security for Young People

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When I started here at Merrowvista 21 years ago I had never heard of the word blog. It is still not written anywhere in my job description as Health Team Coordinator – but here I am writing my second one for the season! For all you bloggers out there I appreciate that may sound rather pathetic but at least I am trying to keep up!

So as I mull over what words to send out to you all I am faced with many topics and not a lot of spare time! Camp is busy. It is currently 6.30am. So far today I have partnered up with the 4Trails team for 3 check-ins from groups out on the trail, I have delighted in caring for a very tolerant young  boy who is sick in a clinic bed (don’t worry, you’d know if it was your child!), the morning medications are ready to be given out, the computer glitch is half way remedied and the washing machine is on! It’s a sunny day, so soon the clothes line will be flapping.

My thoughts drift as always to you parents/caregivers. I believe and echo our camp director Kris when he speaks to you at councils of your trust in sending your children here. Whilst it might feel great to have some time to yourselves, I also know you must every day wonder how your child is doing here. I could write for the remainder of summer on each of your children and still not capture it all! They are growing and changing with every moment, be it physical or emotional, be it in the moment or reflectively, sometimes difficult and sometimes not so. I will leave the telling of their daily stories for them to have with you, because they are precious. Your children tell them better than I and will elaborate the more you listen.

Some (or many!) of you may have read the works of Cooper, Hoffman, Marvin & Powell.

They have researched and written on the topic of the circle of security. I like their tool below:

The Circle of security for a young person.

For a secure base/haven

The chiId is saying, I need you to:

  • support my exploration
  • watch over me
  • help me
  • enjoy time with me
  • delight in me
  • welcome my coming to you
  • protect me
  • comfort me
  • delight in me
  • help organize my feelings.

The parent should:

  • Always be bigger, stronger, wiser and kind.
  • Whenever possible, follow my child’s need.
  • Whenever necessary, take charge.

And then there was A.A. Milne’s sweet wisdom when he authored The House at Pooh Corner :)

Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind.

“Pooh!” he whispered.

“Yes, Piglet?”

“Nothing,” said Piglet, taking Pooh’s paw.

“I just wanted to be sure of you.”


On that note, I bid you all a night of good sleep. Pippa