August 3rd – In Full Swing

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Hey there! My name is Kal and I am the new Camper Experience Coordinator here at Merrowvista.  If this is your child’s first year at Merrowvista, you’ve probably heard from me already. It’s my job to reach out to new families before camp to answer any questions about anything from what type of bug spray they should bring to how deep Dan Hole Pond is (which is still unknown by the way).

Today was a hot one, the kind of day that requires a wardrobe change after lunch. The rising bell rang at 7:30 as usual and even by then the sun was beating down. I walked through the Meadow as the Pioneers and Trailblazers raced past, running for Go-Getters. The sound of basketballs slapping the asphalt echoed off the mural parallel to the court and birds chirped happily from their roosts as we all got ready for another full day at Merrowvista.

Flag Raising this morning was led by Tri-Py “Tie-Dye” Village who shared what made their lives colorful. Mentions of friends and family were consistent, but the response that stood out to me was from a girl who attributed the color in her life to the small, everyday moments that we have here at Merrowvista. The way every interaction made her day brighter, how her laugh changed when she was at camp, transforming from a small giggle to a full on snort.

When Kris Light announced that bacon was on the menu for breakfast this morning (a rare site at Merrowvista), the White Mountains Eating Lodge exploded in cheers of delight. Kris ended the meal with his signature sign off “Aspire Nobly, Adventure Daringly and Serve Humbly,” and everyone went back to their cabins to KCISP (Keep Camp In Shape Please) to appease their village leaders as well as the Lone Inspector. The Lone Inspector is a mysterious legend at Merrowvista, whose sole job is to grade the cleanliness of each cabin, giving them a score from 1 to 20. At the end of the session, villages compile all of their points to take part in the “KCISP Auction.” They use their points to buy events such as “Super Loud Dodgeball” or “Fancy Tea Party.”  One of my personal favorites is the slip and slide created by slicking a tarp with soap.

Campers found an escape from heat in Dan Hole Pond, enjoying the waterfront views. Lunch was a delicious Taco Salad with all the fixins’. In the afternoon, we were happy to welcome back several Four Trails Villages into our community. Flag Village returned from their bike shakedown to Skelly’s with smiles on their faces and bike grease on their shins. Katahdin Village returned from their 10 day hiking trip through the Saddleback and Mahoosuc ranges in Maine, one of the most rewarding hiking trips we offer here at Merrowvista. I remember summiting Saddleback Mountain as an Adventurer, campers have to conquer 5-6 false peaks before reaching the summit, and it is a great feeling to finally get there! Chocorua village also returned, bringing their positive energy back into the Eating Lodge for dinner.

For Nights Doing’s we enjoyed MV Idol, a chance for our staff to show off some of their talents for everyone to enjoy. Highlights included an incredible recorder performance by Chris Morse, who played two separate recorders through each of his nostrils. On the more abstract side, Kristen and Grace used Sam as their canvas, splattering him with paint to make a beautiful and unique work of art.

There is rain in the forecast for tomorrow, hopefully bringing with it a cool breeze to cool off the Canaan Valley. Session B is in full swing and we wouldn’t have it any other way!