August 3rd – Four Trails Update

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We had two villages return to the Canaan Valley this afternoon. Chocorua Village made a triumphant return from their trip on the Maine coast. Despite having some bike trouble, the girls came back gushing with stories of their fun on trail. They were particularly struck by their interactions with kind people along the way. Katahdin Village has made their way out of the woods! The group completed their 10 day hike in the Saddlebacks and Bigelows with a nice rest by Flagstaff Lake. Both groups are looking forward to some much-deserved rest during their time in camp.

Nesuntabunt Village is following hot on the tracks of Chocorua village, returning from their trip to Bar Harbor tomorrow. We cannot wait to see them and hear all about their great adventures.

Both Explorer villages just spent some time in camp in between their trips. In a block entitled “Serve Humbly”, they were each able to help with some trail work to extend our trail systems on Merrowvista’s property to benefit campers in the Pioneer program. Flag Village has also been preparing for their bike trip, learning all about bike maintenance and safety. They went on a shakedown ride today and will be leaving for their next trip tomorrow. Shaw Village is already on their second trip, paddling down the Aziscohos Lake today. We are hoping they are graced with dry weather these next few days.

Our Voyageur groups have both traveled some serious miles! Voyageur Co-ed hopped a second ferry today and they are spending the night on Prince Edward Island, the homeland of Anne of Green Gables! We have only been hearing wonderful stories of mud sliding, waterfalls, and their trip to the northern shore of Nova Scotia. They are looking forward to some relaxing time in the Annapolis Valley. Voyageur Men, who have adopted the new name of “Voyageur Helicopter… VRRRM,” have also been tearing it up! They made their way to Cape Breton Island, and are currently en route to the Highlands National Park. The group set this as a goal for themselves before leaving camp and we are very proud of them.

Both Odyssey groups are out on the trail, spending their fourth night in tents. Today, Odyssey Women got to see their first view from the Barren Ledges! They are staying at Cloud Pond Lean-to tonight. Odyssey Co-ed is hiking one day ahead of the women, staying at Chairback Gap Lean-to tonight. They will be taking on the beautiful Chairback Mountain first thing tomorrow morning.