August 2nd – A Lovely Day in the Canaan Valley

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Matti here, your friendly neighborhood waterfront coordinator! It was another lovely day in the Canaan valley today with lots of sunshine. People were hopping in and out of the pond all day to stay cool!

We all knew it would be a great day from the start, because breakfast was scrambled eggs and home fries, by far the best MV breakfast. Campers headed back to their cabins after the meal to tidy up before heading out for the second day of their interest groups. Every day after breakfast, campers do K.C.I.S.P., which stands for keep camp in shape please. This is their opportunity to care for their personal living spaces and for their village as a whole.

After KCISP, campers spent the morning paddle boarding, playing basketball, making dream catchers, dueling in dungeons and dragons, and of course, my favorite interest group, swimming. Lunch was a delicious pizza and watermelon extravaganza, followed by a much needed easy time on a hot day full of activity.

Interest groups picked back up again in the afternoon, followed by village time, an opportunity for the campers to come back together as a village in the afternoon to do team challenges, rock climb, cook some campfire delights, and of course, swim! After village time, free time gave campers and staff an opportunity to connect and play with an activity of their choice.

Crazy dinner was an excellent opportunity for all members of our community to bring their best, weirdest, coolest selves to the Eating lodge for some delicious hot dogs and baked beans. We sang and danced to our hearts content, we were wacky together, and it was beautiful. We ended the day with Middle Earth Duel, an epic mystical game where dragons and wizards duel for…well…points. We all look forward to another full incredible day tomorrow in this magical valley.