Atypical Days are Loads of Fun!!

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Camper and Phil 2018
Three days ago Boys Camp had an atypical day! We started off the morning per usual with polar bear, flag raising, breakfast of yummy home fries, scrambled eggs, and fruit. Following breakfast we had and interest group 1 where some boys were down at the waterfront, while some played sports on Bryant Field. On the field half of our campers hopped on their brooms in a magical game of Quidditch, while others formed ranks in Captain Ball.  The light rain did not stop the campers as they ran around, tossing dodgeballs through hoops and chasing the prized Golden Snitch.

Next came lunch, a glorious meal of grilled cheeses and tomato soup… a total camp fave. All that yummy food put us all right to sleep for an extended rest hour (well some of us.)  After we all woke up from our lovely sleep we headed to the far reaches of Miniwanca property, the beautiful Well Site. When we arrived the boys played in the field, and used their survival skills to start a fire. Some campers summoned mystical beasts in games of Magic the Gathering and enjoyed the view on Lake Michigan’s shores as they splashed in the gentle waves.

For dinner we had a cookout with hamburgers and hotdogs. What a fun day we had! After our delicious dinner we made our way to the beach for an amazing Evening Reflection followed by an even more breath taking sunset.