Another Golden Day!

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Hello founder friends!  This is your waterfront coordinator reporting to you from the Canaan Valley.  Today was simply one of those traditionally amazing Merrowvista days.  The sun was consistently shining; the mountains were patiently calling; and, after all 2-week pioneers and 3-week trailblazers had taken stock of their recent time on-trail, today brought a return to routine activities accompanied by nothing but blue skies.


But this routine was hardly humdrum – why it’s camp, of course!  We started the day with silent breakfast, where (almost) not a word was said, yet the orange juice, eggs, and cereal were still passed.  Down the hill at Dan Hole Pond, we welcomed sailors, fishers, paddle-boarders, swimmers, junior lifeguards, canoers, and water acrobats to the waterfront for as long as the sun was shining.


Perhaps one of the longest walks to make here at MV is from the waterfront to the council circle – and that is exactly where the end of the day then took us for an evening of song around the campfire at Low Council.  There’s simply nothing like a good Council!


Back in my day we would have called today a “Best Day Ever.”  Well, some things never change!  Here’s to more BDE’s to come – stay tuned,