Another Beautiful Day at Miniwanca

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Today we woke up to yet another beautiful day here at Camp Miniwanca. The temperatures have settled a bit leaving us with cool mornings once again. We had a wonderful Morning Stretch led by one of our sixth grade cabins to send us on our way to breakfast. Breakfast was yummy eggs, home fries, and lots of strawberries! After breakfast the campers had a little bit of camper free time before CORE where they played some Gaga ball and tetherball.

All the campers hurried off to theirĀ  brand new IGs today. Dune Exploration went walking on the beach, while Paddle Sports paddled their way around Stony Lake. Everyone then reconvened for lunch. It was sloppy Joes, chips, and veggies. After that delicious lunch, campers finished up their Eating Lodge responsibilities and headed off to rest hour. An hour later they were awoken by the bell sending them off to Assembly. Today at Assembly the LITs had amazing skits. Some of the campers favorites were “Not my hands” where an LIT puts their arms behind their back and has another person use their hands to do certain tasks. One of the funniest ones was brushing their teeth. As you can imagine it gets a little messy!! We also got to sing some fun camp songs to wake us up from our rest hour.

After Assembly campers had IGs three and four. The Crafthouse was especially poppin’ today as Embroidery and Crafthouse Medley got started with their projects. There also is a fun interest group called “Hangin’ with Hannah.” This interest group was invented because believe it or not we have five Hannahs on staff this year! So each day consists of a new Hannah to hang with! After some free time the dinner bell rang.

Dinner was delicious enchiladas pie, with chips and salsa. After dinner campers got ready for our Night’s Doings. Tonight is one of the favorites, it’s Lip Sync Battle. Each cabin gets to pick out a song and then they perform it in front of the rest of camp. Some of the headliners were Frozen’s “Let it Go” and some classic High School Musical songs. Following Night’s Doings we all headed down to the beach where a Challenger cabin facilitated Evening Reflection. It was an amazing day here at Camp Miniwanca with a perfect end to the night.