And the Winner Is…

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The quest to win the Tribal Shield is a decades-old Miniwanca Tradition. When the campers arrive at camp, they are assigned to a tribal group. Each Tribe (Dunes, Draws, Ridges and Trails) work to earn points all summer long. They win points during Tribal Games, cabin inspections, SOAP, Positive Power P’s and Nights Doings. This morning the winning Tribe was revealed and the campers learned that that the Ridges won the shield for session B ! Congratulations!

It has been an honor to share this time with each of your daughters; we watched them mature and stretch their boundaries in small and big ways. Thank you for allowing them this experience of growth and learning. When you are reunited with your daughter, may we suggest that you meet them where they are now, not where they were when you dropped them off. Recognize that they have been changed by their Miniwanca experience and enjoy listening to their stories and memories.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!