And that’s a wrap…Day Camp 2019

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Day Camp 2019

The energy here in Canaan Valley was nothing short of contagious as we welcomed twenty campers ranging from five to eight for our Day Camp program. The focus of the week was fostering respect in a number of ways: respect for self through self-expression activities, respect for nature by becoming “Nature heroes” for the day, respect for each other through kind actions towards other members of the group, and respect for fun through imaginative play and creativity.


These young campers identified a number of do-good actions that help the community. Hand-made signs were secretly posted in our Farmhouse office to remind us to be kind to the earth, and each camper made a promise to save energy as part of a greater Lorax theme. Another day, they dressed as ninjas to retrieve cookies for a birthday surprise for one of the leaders, which also involved a lunch time serenade. They also had time to swim at the waterfront, sing songs, hike to the waterfall, go on a ‘treasure hunt’, and paint flower pots. Through it all, they made sure to be kind, inclusive, and helpful.


In short, it was amazing to see how impactful these young campers were in the short time that they were part of our community. I have my fingers crossed that these leaders will continue to return to our camps and eventually take on the world!