An Intentionally Wonderful Begining

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With the first two full days of camp complete, campers are learning the routines of life at Miniwanca. The daily theme for these fun days were “wonder” and “intention,” two perfect concepts that capture what camp is all about.

Campers wondered what they would explore with the start of interest groups. Interest groups are camper-chosen activities offered three times a day. Campers can select from interest groups that are creative, like loom knitting with PJ, or they can be more physical, like archery with Maddy and Arely.

Campers wonder about all sorts of things, such as what’s for snack, but they also decide with intention to make choices that reflect their best selves. Each camper will grow in a different and unique way, but everyone will have the chance to learn more about themselves.

For the Avail participants (the oldest campers), they may grow in leadership as the Quad leaders and community service actors. The Seekers (middle-school age campers) may grow in their experiences as they try new interest groups. The Darers (the youngest group), will take the big leap and experience time away from home, maybe for the first time, while making new friends.

No matter the age group, everyone will explore new things, connect with new people, and wonder how to intentionally be their best selves.