Adventure is Everywhere

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As the Girls Campers move into week two, everyone adjusted to the typical rhythm of Miniwanca life. Week two also means the start of new adventures for all of the campers.

Darers, Seekers, and Avail campers – those who stay on site the whole session – began new interest groups this week. The Four Trails campers – those who will leave site for a multiday outcamping adventure –spent the day preparing for their upcoming trips. The Adventurers finished up last-minute packing, while Explorers headed  to the Well Site for a shakedown, which is a practice hike and overnight camp out in anticipation of their trip.

A sense of connection is also growing among campers as new friendships made and the old relationships rekindled. Cabinmates are bonding, and quads are working together to win points.

Competition reigned during Night’s Doings: Quad Games. Everyone got a chance to play Nuke ‘Em, an elimination-style volleyball game, and dodgeball. Quad cheers and laughter rang as the quads all played together.