Adventure Day

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What a day at camp it has been. We are coming to the end of our second week of the session and that means it is time for an Adventure Day!

Our atypical day started out in a very typical fashion, with cabin 23 sharing about passion and positivity this morning during Morning Stretch. We fueled up with a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and home fries, and then headed out to get the adventure going.

This morning, the 6th and 8th grade campers headed over to the high challenge course where they climbed elements with names like “The Heeby Jeeby,” “The Charlie Chaplain,” and “The Floating Islands.” The campers had an awesome time challenging themselves and supporting one another. At the end of the morning, they gave shout outs to those they had seen do really amazing and positive things, and it was so great to hear about the campers who were looking out for one another, being selfless, and challenging themselves to be brave and push on. This afternoon, our 6th and 8th graders got the chance to climb Old Baldy, our largest sand dune, and to tube the creek.

The 7th grade campers spent the morning doing a team challenge where they were asked to work together with different groups of campers in their community that they might not be as close with. They spent the time getting to know one another and preparing for their adventure to the Well Site, which we call Forester. All our Foresters (which is all rising 7th graders) then spent the afternoon learning to pack a backpacking pack and headed out right after dinner. The campers will spend two nights at the Well Site where they will learn to build a fire, cook over a camp stove, pitch a tent, and build a shelter among other skills. The Foresters will return to us on Sunday morning before breakfast.

Our Piper campers got to spend their morning with some relaxing tubing down the creek and then they too took to the challenges of the high ropes course. This evening they all headed down to the beach for a little after dinner swim and cooked s’mores out over the fire.

Adventure Day was full of fun, excitement and adventure. We’re all looking forward to starting our next round of Interest Groups tomorrow in what will be a typical Miniwanca Day!