Adventure Daringly, Serve Humbly!

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Today was an adventurous, atypical day here at Miniwanca! Although we woke up to the Polar Bear call and jumped into Lake Michigan like usual, the rest of Adventure Day was full of fun, new challenges for all.

After a yummy breakfast and some dancing to get us ready for the day, we set out with our age groups. The Darers spent the morning tubing the creek, and then worked with their sister cabins to do some service projects around camp. Our Foresters spent the morning doing a team-challenge block to ready them for their adventure tonight. Challengers spent the morning on the high-ropes course, encouraging each other and stepping outside of their comfort zones. In the afternoon, the Darers and the Challengers swapped activities, so they all had the chance to tube, climb, and contribute to our positive community by cleaning up the assembly building, Marie Shaver, The Oley Center, Church of the Dunes, and more!

Our senior Avail campers spent all morning at their service project site, an on-site house called Creek View, continuing the work from our senior Avail girls from Session A . They worked with our amazing Facilities team make a fence around the house and to paint all of the siding that was put up on the house last session.

After lunch and (extended) rest hour, while the Darers and Challengers participated in their new activities, the Foresters did their gear pack-out to prepare to leave for their over-night adventure to the Well Site, which is about a one-mile hike away from the edge of camp property. During this time, the Avail seniors met with Liz in the Four Seasons building to get to know each other a little bit better.

The Eating Lodge was overflowing with energy tonight as groups came back from their various activities, and that energy carried over into night’s doings. Darers and Challengers had a beach party with s’mores, senior Avail campers met with the Avail campers from Boys Camp to do some team building and competition with EPIC, and the Foresters left for their big adventure!

Trailblazers hosted our evening reflection on the beach, speaking about what it means to them to be one’s best self.

Adventure Day was quite a success.