A Wonderful Typical Day

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Miniwanca Girls Camp, Bell, Typical Day

Campers awoke to a foggy silver day here at Miniwanca. They cleaned their cabins, headed up to the Upper Lodge for Morning Stretch, and reflected upon the topic of “imagination” as led by Cabin 14. Soon, the camp community progressed to the eating lodge to enjoy a delicious breakfast of bacon, pancakes, and mandarin oranges.


In-Camp Campers had their first CORE meetings. CORE stands for connect, orient, reflect, and empower and allows campers the chance to connect a little more deeply with their own best selves and each other. In the meantime, our Four Trails Odyssey G1 and Adventurer groups assembled in Graceland to embark on their first shake down of the summer. The Adventurer group arrived back safely this afternoon after a fun journey to Whippi Dip and Odyssey G1 is expected to return tomorrow.


For those still on the lovely sand dunes of Miniwanca, the day continued with morning Interest Groups, Taco Tuesday at lunch time, and rest hour. Campers awoke from rest hour to the sound of the bell and re-energized through quad games across camp. These included kickball, Captain Ball, Newcomb, and more. Later on, campers went to their afternoon Interest Groups followed by Free Time. Hungry after a long day, campers enjoyed a scrumptious meal of veggie stir fry, egg rolls, and rice.  


The day continued with a thrilling Night’s Doings of Amazing Race throughout camp. The campers adventured to legendary Miniwanca landmarks where they channeled their energy into games and questions. The Trail Quad completed the race first and won points towards the Shield! The campers ended their evening on the beach, growing their ‘R Fold’ through an Evening Reflection lead by Cabin 18. The glorious blues and pinks of the sunset provided the perfect backdrop for a reflection centered around “Imagination”. Campers trickled to bed and another silver day turned into a memory on the sand dunes of Miniwanca.