A Trip to the Well Site

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Saturday began with Something Sacred, a reflective period that encourages campers to develop their spiritual fold, one of the four folds the American Youth Foundation works to strengthen in its participants. At Miniwanca, the importance of balanced living is one of the main themes, and keeping the four folds – physical, social, mental, and spiritual – in balance is a key part of that message.

During Something Sacred, campers challenged themselves and one another to define the word “growth.” Staff shared stories about moments of personal development in their own lives, and then explained why it is important to not wait for growth factors to come to you. 

Part of the magic of Miniwanca is the interactions between different age groups. Younger campers can look to the older ones as examples of balanced living in action.

After a great community conversation, it was time to focus on the social fold. Boys Camp traveled to the Well Site, a more remote part of Miniwanca with access to the Lake Michigan shoreline. 

The hike to the Well Site went quickly, but campers worked even faster to set up their activities for the afternoon upon arrival. Campers were given four hours of free time to choose activities that interested them.

Many campers chose to swim in Lake Michigan, and ride the huge waves that crashed on the shore. Other campers chose to play card games or yard games in the grassy meadow at the entrance of the site. 

Once campers arrived back to East Camp, it was time for the Night’s Doings of the evening: movie night in the Activity Center. East Camp cozied up with popcorn and enjoyed watching “The Mitchells vs. The Machines.”