A Terrifically Typical Tuesday

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It was a terrifically typical Tuesday at Miniwanca Girls Camp. With the sun shining in a cloudless blue sky, nothing stopped campers as today.

The morning interest groups (different activity groups campers can select for a period of time every week) kicked off with a strong start as campers explored different experiences such as the Wanca Spa or outdoor games. Whether it was relaxing with a book by Lake Michigan or working with community service, everyone found something to fill the block.

Though today’s routine was typical, there are always a few fun surprises in store. A Taco Tuesday lunch even included a song in honor of Taco Tuesday. The meal was only the start of the lunchtime funsies, a beloved tradition where campers can play while they eat by kicking off different activities, such as asking another cabin to sing a song or surfing atop their chairs.

Midway through the first week, campers are making progress in all their interest groups and finding their rhythm as they settle into camp life. They experienced their first Night’s Doings after dinner with the Amazing Race, a camp-ified version of the popular competitive reality show. This was  one of the first events during which the quads could start to win points toward the shield at the end of the summer.

All in all, it was a terrifically typical Tuesday at Girls Camp.