A Silver Day

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We’re pleased to report that all Miniwanca campers and staff have tested negative for COVID-19. Thank you so much to all our camp families for adhering to our pre-camp COVID-19 protocols and ensuring we created the safest community possible at Miniwanca. Campers will be tested again on Friday, July 2. 

On a warm, foggy Silver Day at Camp Miniwanca, it’s possible to see a Polar Bear taking a dip. In fact, you may witness an entire family of Polar Bears, joining on the beach and linking arms to cheer, “Polar Bear, Polar Bear, rah, rah, rah! Polar Bear, Polar Bear, ha ha ha!” before running into Lake Michigan.

When it rains at Camp Miniwanca, raincoats appear, hoods go up, and the community pivots. The buildings and canopy of majestic trees provide shelter for life to continue. As Founder Preston G. Orwig said, “It’s a mark of leadership to adjust.”

When a camper bravely tries something new at camp, they are encouraged to continue in their new pursuit. Leaders offer support, and friends stand alongside cheering them on. That’s Miniwanca Magic.

The Founder Family – those who share stories of YG from 50 years ago, those donning their current NLC class shirts, and those gathered on property this summer – can best describe the Miniwanca Magic. It’s a feeling. It’s knowing you are safe in this community to explore yourself mentally, physically, socially, and religiously/spiritually. It’s knowing you can discover your own best self.

Wayfinder campers stretched their Four Folds on the high ropes and low ropes challenge course, while Darers and Seekers adventured at the Boat House with sailboats and paddleboards on Stony Lake.

During free time, the golden sun peeked through the clouds, inviting campers to spend time outside. Evening arrived with chocolate chip cookies appearing from the kitchen after a Taco Tuesday dinner with a choice of soft or hard tortillas filled with ground beef, black beans, cheese, and assorted veggies.

As the sun slipped down the Lake Michigan horizon, changing from gray into a hundred shades of vivid violet, the community witnessed another moment of the Miniwanca Magic in the visual reminder that we can adjust and embrace life’s changes as we strive to be our own selves, at our very best, all the time.


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