A Moment of Gratitude

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Miniwanca Volunteer Weekend

Every April, powered by the Points of Light Foundation, some time is set aside for the celebration of National Volunteer Week. It serves as an opportunity to recognize the impact of volunteerism and the collective power of those who give their time to tackle tough social and civic challenges and build stronger communities.

We recognize that the people and programs of the American Youth Foundation benefit tremendously from the passion and effort of our volunteers. To all those who have and will share their gifts with the rest of the AYF community, please know the AYF is more grateful than it can ever express.

Whether it’s at one of the upcoming Volunteer Weekends at each site, summer camp, Conference, an event, or on the Board, our volunteers are a vital part of the mission to inspire people to discover and develop their personal best, to seek balance in mental, physical, social and spiritual living, and to make a positive difference in their communities and in the wider world.  The AYF is undoubtedly better because of its volunteers, and the thousands of youth we serve every year are positively impacted by the example they set and the work they do.

Thank you, volunteers, for your humble service and for leading the way!