A Day of Positivity

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What a beautiful and sunny day we had here at Miniwanca! Though today was a typical day, we had some fun and not so typical things happen throughout the day. We started out with Morning Stretch led by Cabin 20 on the topic of Involvement and then had a delicious breakfast of danishes, cinnamon rolls, and a fruit salad! After a bit of camper free time, everyone met for CORE where they focused on how to make Miniwanca a positive community and how we can bring that positive community home with us. CORE was followed by Interest Groups one and two, which included more activities like bracelet making and soccer.

At lunch we munched on quesadillas, chips and salsa, and chili,  and soon after campers headed to Rest Hour to prepare for the rest of our fun day ahead. Reenergized, the community then attended Assembly where the LITs entertained the campers with different games and activities. Afternoon Interest Groups were followed by Free Time where many campers headed down to the beach. A shift in the Lake Michigan current brought us some warmer water today and the campers were quick to take advantage of it!

Dinner was vegetable lasagna and garlic bread with yummy ice cream sandwiches for dessert. At Nights Doings the campers enjoyed a game of Founderly Feud. There were questions like “What is the best dessert at Camp Miniwanca?” and “where did the paddle come from?”. The Dunes answered confidently and pulled out the win! The night came to a close with another beautiful Lake Michigan sunset as the LITs presented on positivity. They shared ideas like how Miniwanca feels like such a safe and positive community, and how being positive doesn’t always mean being happy but instead acknowledging your emotions and still feeling gratitude. 

We’re grateful for all that has happened today and for all of you! Until tomorrow friends.