A Beautiful Miniwanca Day

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Today we had another typical day filled with campers’ Interest Groups.

We started the day with our normal Polar Bear call and Morning Stretch. Today our topic was resilience, and the campers shared what that meant to them and how it relates to their personal lives.

After a tasty morning breakfast of Irish sausage scramble, we headed out to CORE and our Interest Groups. Lunch had us eating sloppy joes and carrots. Rest Hour was much needed by our tuckered out campers and when the bell rang to end it they were all ready for Quad games. Captain ball, nuke em, and kick ball were all the Quad games that were enjoyed by our campers under the sun.

After more Interest Groups, Free Time, and dinner, we had the talent show for Nights Doings! Campers sang and danced their hearts out as they showed off their talents. We also had campers doing skits and performing gymnastics!

We ended the evening with a reflection from the returned Adventurers. Have a good night, Miniwanca family!