4th of July in Boys Camp

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4th of July in Boys Camp

“Celebration” was the theme for today in Boys’ Camp.  As the nation celebrated the 4th of July, we paid tribute with a special day of activities.  Beginning with flag raising from our coordinators, campers were treated with a special “Red, White, and Blue” breakfast that included pancakes served in the colors of our country’s flag!

After breakfast, the July temperatures began to soar, so camp staff organized “Wet and Wild Water World” or otherwise known as “H2Whoa!”  Sprinklers, Slip and Slides, wet sponges, and lots of music led to a great morning filled with cool water,  many smiles, and lots of fun.  A celebration indeed!

The “Wheel of Destiny” topped off a delicious lunch, as campers were informed of their topics for this evening’s Low Council.   After a much needed rest time, campers accepted the “Ultimate Clean Cabin Challenge” and brooms, dust pans began to whirl around the cabins and bays.  Yes, we even celebrate cleaning here at Miniwanca!

As the holiday carried on, so to did the fun!  Campers worked the m-fold (mental) by developing some outrageous skits for the Night’s Doings.  Summer blockbusters, cooking shows, and podcasts were just a few of the themes highlighting each cabin group’s creativity.  Low Council brought boisterous laughter and council reveled in “Standing O’s” as campers brought their finest acting skills to center stage.

As our nation’s birthday drew to a close, we continued the celebration while viewing fireworks launched over Stony Lake.  The sizzle, pop, and amazing colors blasted across the summer sky, but also reflected off the lake’s water.  And as the grand finale ended our show, we too reflected about our joyous 4th of July celebration at Camp Miniwanca.