2017 Merrowvista Reunion

August 25-27, 2017

We are excited to host Merrowvista friends and family at the 2017 Merrowvista Reunion! Join us for three days in the Canaan Valley, spending time with old friends, reliving past memories and reconnecting with the values of best self and balanced living. Scroll down or click the links below for registration, schedule, pricing, and FAQs.

Please register by Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Reunion Schedule

Friday, August 25

4:00-6:00pm      Registration
6:15pm                Dinner
7:30pm                Reunion Kick Off
9:00pm                Waterfront Campfire

Saturday, August 26

7:30am           Rising Bell!
7:40am           Go Getters!
8:35am           Flag Raising & Morning Reflection
9:00am           Breakfast
All day             Program Activities, Interest Groups & Free Time
7:30pm           Council Circle

Sunday, August 27

7:30am              Rising Bell!
7:40am              Go Getters!
8:35am              Flag Raising & Morning Reflection
9:00am              Breakfast
10am-3:00pm  Something Sacred, Activities & Interest Groups
3:00pm*            Aloha! Departure
*Those using Merrowvista Transportation to the airport may need to depart earlier, depending on flight times.


rates include all meals and weekend activities

Staying at Merrowvista

Summer cabin: $110
Three-season cabin: $125
Lodge: $150

Youth & Teen (11-17): $90
Child (10 & under): Free

Staying offsite

Adult: $80
Youth & Teen (11-17): $60
Children (10 & under): Free


Manchester Airport Shuttle
One-way: $35
Round-trip: $70

Boston Logan Airport Shuttle
One-way: $40
Round-trip: $80


Airport shuttles will be available from both Manchester Airport and Boston Logan Airport.

Manchester Shuttle
One-way: $35
Round-Trip: $70
Friday Arrival Shuttle: Shuttle departs Manchester at 3pm. Flights must arrive at least 30 minutes before shuttle departure.
Sunday Departure Shuttle: Shuttle departs Merrowvista at 10am. Flights must be scheduled after 1:30pm.

Boston Logan Shuttle

One-way: $40
Round-Trip: $80
Friday Arrival Shuttle: Shuttle departs Boston Logan at 2pm. Flights must arrive at least 30 minutes before shuttle departure.
Sunday Departure Shuttle: Shuttle departs Merrowvista at 10am. Flights must be scheduled after 2pm.

Due to the program schedule, we are unable to offer shuttles at other times.

Check out who has registered for reunion!

Heather Richter Kiley
(MV Staff 80s-10s, I-3, I-4)

Kris Light & Family
(MV Staff 00s-10s, I-23, I-24)

Susan Shauger
(MV & MW Camp & Staff 50s-70s)

Sarah Geiwitz
(MV Camp 00s, Staff 10s, I-47, I-48)

Lynn Wahle & Family
(MV Camp 60s-70s, Staff 80s)

Jay Aronson
(MV Camp 60s, Summer Staff 70s, MV Advisory Committee)

Oz Akbas & Family
(MV Summer Staff 00s)

Caroline Anson
(MV Camp 00s, Summer Staff 10s)

Sarah Caliendo
(MV Camp & Summer Staff 00s, I-33, I-34)

Anna Meyer
(MV Camp 90s-00s, Summer Staff 00s)

Walter Mutter
(MV Camp 70s-80s, Summer Staff 80s)


Bailey Sheats
(MV Staff 10s)

Joe Baty
(MV Staff 00s-10s, I-33)

Ellie Dixon
(MV Camp 90s-00s)

Lizzie Anson
(MV Camp 90s, Summer Staff 00s)

Hannah Patterson
(MV Staff 10s, I-45, I-46)

Patrick West
(MV & MW Camp & Staff 70s-90s, MV Parent 10s)

Kristen Clark & Family
(MV Staff 10s, MV Parent 10s)

Dom Lambek & Family
(MV Camp 90s, Summer Staff 00s, I-27, I-28)

Chandlee Bryan & Family
(MV Camp 80s, Summer Staff 80s, NLC 80s, 90s, 10s)

Matt Gray
(MV Camp 00s, Summer Staff 00s)

Hayley Anson
(MV Camp 90s, Summer Staff 00s, I-31, I-32)

Sue Randall Shukis (Louie)
(MV Camp 60s-70s)

Bridget Curtis & Family
(MV Summer Staff 90s)

Aaron Lee
(MV Camp 90s, Summer Staff 00s, I-31, I-32)

Rosalyn Chrenka
(Summer Staff 70s, NLC Staff 80s)

Matt Snizek
(MV Staff 10s, I-41)

Dori Tinker Stiles & Family
(MV Camp 80s, Summer Staff 90s, MV Parent 10s)

Abby Webster & Family
(MW & MV Camper, NLC & Summer Staff 90s-00s)

Christina Traister & Family
(MV Camp 80s)

Jamie O’Hagin & Family
(MV Camp 90s-00s, MV Staff 00s-10s, I-29, I-30)

Laura Thomas
(MV Camp 90s)

Carol Garcia Landy
(MV Camp 60s, MV Staff 70s)

Updated: 8/22/17

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can come to the reunion?

Everyone is welcome! Attendees will be a mix of former campers, staff, interns, and CSP participants. Come on your own or bring your families to share the experience. Attendees under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Can I bring my children?

Yes. There will be activities available for every age group!

What kind of activities will be available?

You’ll be reliving summer camp days, beginning with Go-Getters and ending with Night’s Doings! Activity options will be geared toward many different interests – enjoy tea on the Farmhouse porch, share stories, explore the archives, or hike to the Ledge. You can also enjoy crafts, songs, and a chance to explore Dan Hole Pond.

Where will we be sleeping?

Housing is provided in Danforth Lodge, Stockman Lodge, the Meadow cabins, and the summer villages. You can select your housing preference and list bunkmate requests when you register.

Can I make overnight accommodations somewhere else?

Of course. We have a rate for those who plan to stay offsite.

How will meals work during the reunion?

The reunion price includes all meals for the weekend, Friday dinner – Sunday lunch. We eat family style in the White Mountain Eating Lodge. You will see fresh ingredients, local produce, and your favorite kid-friendly camp meal staples. The Merrowwvista Food Program is able to accommodate a range of dietary needs—please list all dietary needs and food allergies when you register.

I haven't been back to Merrowvista in a long time. Will I know anyone?

We understand camp jitters! Some of the faces may be different since your last visit, but the culture and community are the same—we can’t wait to meet you and hear your favorite camp stories!

What paperwork do I need to complete?

In addition to submitting the online registration form above, please print and complete a Health & Risk Form for each member of your group, and bring them with you when you arrive.

How can I help?

We would love help getting the word out! If you are interested in helping with reunion outreach, please fill out a Contact Us form, and we will be in touch!

147 Canaan Rd.
Tuftonboro, NH 03816

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