Miniwanca Jobs

Summer Opportunities

The Miniwanca summer camp community is a vibrant gathering of people from all backgrounds who support youth in discovering and developing their own best self. Applications for summer 2021 staff positions will open on January 19.

Set in the forested dunes and beside the shores of Lake Michigan and Stony Lake, Miniwanca exists as a place apart. Step away from the fast-paced world this summer, and join our rich community of over 700 campers and 150 staff members from around the United States and the world.

A summer at Miniwanca offers more than just a pay check. Here you will join a community, find a place of belonging, and be a part of a team making a difference in the world. Whether you seek a role on our Facilities or Food Program teams or you see yourself working more closely with our campers in the cabins or on our adventure trips, Miniwanca offers a chance to create a positive community, to help our campers discover and develop their best, and to discover and develop your own best self.

Scroll down to learn about the different roles available this summer. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Cabin Leader

18 and up

Cabin leaders will work with campers and staff members from all backgrounds. Cabin leaders can expect to lead 2-4 cabins of 4 campers from grades 5-12 as they discover and develop new strengths in overnight camp programs. The primary responsibility of cabin leaders is to help each camper adjust to camp life and achieve their personal best. Cabin leaders also manage the group dynamics of their campers as they carry out the Darer, Pathfinder, and Wayfinder programming.

Program Specialist

18 and up

Develop and implement camp activities in areas such as waterfront, sailing, performing arts, outdoor education, sustainability, climbing, woodworking, and arts & crafts for all in-camp campers. Organize and maintain activity supplies and activity areas. Participate in community activities, such as flag raising and meals, and strive to model the mission and values of the American Youth Foundation.

Health Staff

21 and up

Ensure the safety and well-being of each camper. Provide first aid care and support.

Program Coordinator

21 and up

Coordinators plan, guide, and manage the camp programs and leaders. Along the way, program coordinators will seek to build a positive community for our diverse summer community. They will plan, implement, and evaluate camp activities. With their help in Night's Doings, Interest Groups, logistics, and special days, coordinators are a huge part of the success of any summer at Miniwanca.

Food Program Staff

18 and up

Assist with food preparation, service, kitchen clean-up, and dish room to insure healthy, safe meals for the staff and campers. Serve as an active member of the Food Service Program, supporting colleagues and taking on responsibilities as directed by the Food Program Manager. Participate fully as active members of the camp staff team and camp community, in all-camp activities such as flag raising, go-getters, night’s doings, and evening reflections.

Custodial and Maintenance Staff

18 and up

Assist in the maintenance and upkeep of the camp facilities and grounds during the summer season as part of the facilities team. Your duty is to be part of a small independent team that is essential to a successful camp season. Participate fully as active members of the camp staff team and camp community, in all-camp activities such as flag raising, go-getters, night’s doings, and evening reflections.

Scout Leader

18 and up

Create an environment for staff children where they are safe and are encouraged to explore, create, use their imaginations, and positively interact with one another. Set up existing childcare area, inventorying current supplies and prepare list of additional materials needed to be purchased. Working with co-leader, establish the daily routine/program schedule for the young people in the program. Routines may vary based on the age of children and may include free play, crafts, reading, music, nature exploration.

Activities Team Coordinator

21 and up

Manage all aspects of Merrowvista’s summer in-camp activities program. Supervise a team of activity specialists in areas including: Arts & Crafts, Climbing and Outdoor Adventure, Athletics, and Performing Arts. Ensure a high level of quality in programming in each activity area. Schedule daily activities for participants and staff members. Plan and organize special days each session. Instruct in-camp leaders in teaching techniques and interest group activity structure.

Waterfront Coordinator

21 and up

Manage all aspects of Merrowvista’s summer waterfront program. Supervise a team of 5 waterfront specialists as well as a large staff of rotating lifeguards and aquatic observers. Ensure a high level of quality in programming, including swim lessons and all associated waterfront recreational and instructional activities. Serve as the primary risk manager of the waterfront program area, striving to keep children and staff safe while having fun.

Office and Media Specialists

18 and up

Provide administrative support for campers, staff, and parents. Connect parents with what is going on at camp through customer service and visual media. The media specialist supports the camp community through taking photographs, documenting, and ensuring that participant can continue to connect with conference after it has ended.