Miniwanca Jobs

Food Program Team

The Food Program Team consists of assistants, specialists, and coordinators who help with food preparation, service, kitchen clean-up and dish washing to ensure healthy, safe meals for the staff and campers.  Summer 2023 will include 2 to 3 weeks of paid staff training, followed by two three-week camp sessions ending August 6.

Essential Functions

  • Serve as an active member of the Food Program team, participating in team meetings, supporting colleagues and taking on responsibilities as directed by the Food Program Manager
  • Assist in preparation of meals, accommodating specialty diets and allergies
  • Assist in receiving orders, maintaining cleanliness of all food storage areas, and practicing and overseeing safe food handling procedures according to local, state, and federal and ACA regulations
  • Responsible for daily cleaning of food preparation areas and tools, including all prep surfaces, pots, pans, sweeping and mopping of floors
  • Participate in camp activities like Flag Raising, Evening Reflections, etc., as schedule allows
  • Promptly discuss any difficult situations that arise in camper or staff relationships and other areas of concern with the Coordinator and Director
  • Establish personal and professional goals for the summer and work toward those goals
  • Complete all job functions, including completing requested records and written reports, and other duties as assigned.

General Functions

  • Encourage leadership development, healthy community living, Best Self practices and balanced Four-Fold growth according to the philosophy of AYF by instruction and example.
  • Protect the safety and health of campers by adhering to community expectations and following all policies and procedures outlined in the Staff Handbook, including our alcohol-, drug-, and tobacco-free camp policy and AYF COVID-19 Staff Eligibility and Expectations.
  • Fully participate in and be present at all community activities and staff training

Required Skills

  • Strong physical, mental, and emotional health. Must be adaptable and exhibit good judgement.
  • Interest and enthusiasm for learning how to work in a large-scale professional kitchen
  • Effective communication with youth participants and adult staff across a wide range of identities and backgrounds. Ability to foster positive relationships.
  • Ability to understand, promote, actively include, and work effectively with diverse perspectives and identities
  • Thorough understanding of critical issues shaping the lives of young people in the U.S., especially racial and gender equity, inclusivity, justice, ethics, and cultural competency

Education, Experience, or Certifications  

  • Must be 18 or older and one year post-high school graduation experience
  • No professional kitchen experience required
  • Current certification in CPR and First Aid (training available for accepted applicants)


  • Weekly pay: $450 to $750 (depending on role)
  • Referral Bonus: $200 paid at the end of summer for each hired employee the applicant refers
  • The Food Program Team will receive one day off for every six days worked.

What should I know before applying?

Food program staff...

  • Work well in team.

  • Love to learn and gain new experiences.

  • See themselves as positive role models for youth.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Food Program Staff allowed to be involved in activities with the campers and other staff?

    Yes! We want you to get the full camp experience while you are here. Eat meals with a cabin on your time off, join in the fun of the talent show, hike the trails and dunes, and spend some time in the craft house. We are one big community here at Miniwanca.

    Is food and housing provided?

    Yes, food and housing is provided for the entirety of your contract with Miniwanca.

    I don't have a car. How do I get to camp?

    Miniwanca will pick up Food Program Staff on specific days from local airports and bus stations. If you are flying internationally or do not have a car and are interested in using public transportation to get to camp please talk to your supervisors about what options are available to you.

    I have never been to camp before. Is that okay?

    It is not uncommon for Food Program Staff to experience camp and Miniwanca for the very first time. Many of our staff are international and have not traveled out of their home country before. Food Program Staff should be open to new experiences and ways of operating when they come to Miniwanca, especially if this is their first time at Miniwanca or at summer camp in general.

    What will I doin the kitchen?

    The main responsibilities of the food program team are preparing ingredients for the daily recipes. This includes washing, peeling, and chopping fruits and vegetables. Other duties include baking desserts, receiving and putting away food orders, cleaning work areas, doing dishes, taking out garbage, and cleaning the floors.

    What is the schedule like?

    The work week is six days with one day off.

    What if I have dietary needs?

    Miniwanca is able to work with a variety of dietary needs and allergies. At each meal, Miniwanca will provide a dairy free, gluten free, and vegetarian option. Miniwanca is a peanut and tree nut aware facility and will not serve anything with those products in it. Some snacks and desserts may be created in a facility that uses peanuts or tree nuts, and safe alternatives will be offered as needed.