Large Group Events

Invincible Summer 2020

This element of Invincible Summer is open to the entire AYF community – Miniwanca, Merrowvista, current and past staff, participants, alumni, families, and friends.

In Call to Community, participants are invited to take part in an active and reflective activity to start their mornings. Imagine if Go Getters and Flag Raising and Morning Stretch (our three morning activities across Miniwanca and Merrowvista) were combined into one event.

We close our Wednesdays with an AYF Evening Reflection. Hear stories, poems, songs, and reflections from the community and take part in small group discussions.

Night’s Doings is a fun and interactive part of the week, combining elements of a trivia night, a backyard camp out and more. Come to play, interact, and engage with all.

We will also host separate Opening Fires for the Merrowvista and Miniwanca communities on Monday, July 6 and an AYF-wide Final Fire on Friday, July 31.