Merrowvista Jobs

Care Team

Our days as specialists are simpler. We challenge often but have more fun. The outdoors is our home. We work together to create a community where individuals are respected, and where our values guide our actions. We gain confidence, share, and have fun.

The Care Team collaborates to proactively support well-being for the camper community and the staff who support them. This team also includes the Community Life Coordinator (2023 Mulcahy Fellow), who supports campers who hold historically marginalized identities (BIPOC, LGBTQ+, etc.).

Questions? Please contact the Merrowvista team at [email protected].

What should I know before applying?

Our Program Area Specialists…

• Love working with kids and teaching skills

• Are enthusiastic about growing and inspiring campers to grow

• Have experience and passion relating to the activity area of camp they’ll be specializing in

• See themselves as positive role models for the youth of Merrowvista

• All food and housing is provided while you work at Merrowvista.

• You will receive free tuition for First Aid, CPR, and Lifeguard courses offered at Merrowvista.