Grab-and-Go Content

Invincible Summer 2020

We recognize the importance of time away from computers, and so each week during Invincible Summer, we’ll provide new printable activities for campers to complete away from screens. These activities will also introduce parents to camp traditions like Arlos/Dishland, where children rotate dish washing duties while at at camp.

Other Grab-and-Go opportunities will include crafts and cooking projects to try on your own, ways to reflect on being your Best Self, and ideas for how to stay active this summer.

Moment of Gratitude at Home (download and print)

No-Bake Power Hours Cookies (download and print)

Cleanest Cabin Challenge at Home (download and print)

Make Your Granola (download and print)

Arlos/Dishland at Home (download and print)

Seed Bursts at Home (download and print)

Merrowvista Go-Getters at Home (download and print)

Miniwanca Polar Bear at Home (download and print)

Make Your Own GORP (print and download)

You can find Grab-and-Go activities here, on Canvas, or receive them each week via email.