Labor Day Girls Camp Reunion

Due to the restrictions regarding COVID-19, Miniwanca Girls Camp Reunion has been canceled.

September 4 to 7, 2020

We invite you to return to Miniwanca for the five-year Girls Camp Reunion over Labor Day weekend 2020. Join us for three days on the sand dunes to visit with old friends, rediscover favorite memories, and connect with the values of best self and balanced living. Next, you can scroll down for the registration, schedule, pricing, and FAQs.

Reunion Schedule

Friday, September 4

4:00-6:00 pm     Registration and Move In
6:15 pm                Dinner in Eating Lodge
8:00 pm               Opening Council

Saturday, September 5

8:00 am         Rising Bell and Polar Bear Dip
8:35 am          Set-Ups and Flag Raising
9:00 am         Breakfast
Morning         Interest Groups & Activities
12:30 pm        Lunch
1:30 pm          Rest Hour
2:30 pm          Afternoon Interest Groups
4:30 pm          Deck Tennis & Captainball
5:00 pm          Free Time
6:30 pm          Dinner
8:00 pm          Candlelight Sing in Eating Lodge

Sunday, September 6

8:00 am      Rising Bell
8:35 am       SetUps
9:00am       Breakfast
10am            Sunday Something Sacred Service
12:30            Lunch
1:30              Rest Hour
3:00              AYF Update
4:00              Free Time/ Free Swim
6:30              Dinner
7:30              Nights Doings: Mini-Olympics
8:30              Closing Council
9:30               Social Hour

Monday, September 7

8:00 am       Rising Bell
8:30 am       Breakfast

9:30              Clean up and Departure

12:00            Happy Trails To You


rates include all meals and weekend activities

Housing Rates

Dorm Housing: $250
(One bed in Seay, Compton, or Four Seasons dorm)

Cabin Housing: $200
(One bed in shared cabin)


Grand Rapids Airport Shuttle
One-way: $30
Round-trip: $60


Airport Shuttle Available from Grand Rapids Airport

Grand Rapids Shuttle
One-way: $30
Round-Trip: $60
Friday Arrival Shuttle: Shuttle departs Grand Rapids at 4:00 pm. Flights must arrive at least 30 minutes before shuttle departure.
Monday Departure Shuttle: Shuttle departs Miniwanca at 10am. Flights must be scheduled after 1:30pm.

Due to the program schedule, we are unable to offer shuttles at other times.

Who is Coming?

Amy Harvey
Barb Van Buskirk
Beth Kelly
Carol Strecker
Chris Collins
Deb Seidel
Elizabeth Conkin
Ellen Moore
Emily Cline
Emily Knuth

Erin Blair
Helen Strate Kielty
Holley Young
Jennifer Tucker
Jenny Harrop
Karen Bell Gwidt
Karen Streed
Katie Burrows
Laura Mason
Laurie Humphrey

Marcia Corbett
Mimi Holmes
Myriah Frlich
Patricia Sanders
PJ Smith
Rachel Ferro
Sandra George
Sarah Bleeker
Stephanie Borum

*Registered as of January 31, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can come to the reunion?

This reunion is for adults ages 21 and over who have been a part of Miniwanca Girls Camp (both YG and OG) at any point in their lives. We’ll have attendees who were at Miniwanca in many different decades from the 1940’s onward.

Can I bring my children?

Not this time! This is an adult focused program without the kids camp option. For family opportunities, take a look at Alumni Family Weekend or Volunteer Weekend in the spring.

What kind of activities will be available?

You’ll be reliving summer camp days, beginning with Polar Bear and ending with Night’s Doings! Activity options will be geared toward many different interests and will include a range of activities. You can also enjoy crafts, songs, and a chance to jump in Lake Michigan.

Where will we be sleeping?

Housing is provided in Seay Building, Compton Lodge, Four Seasons Lodge and in the summer cabins. You can select your housing preference and list roommate requests when you register.

Can I make overnight accommodations somewhere else?

Of course. We have a rate for those who plan to stay offsite ($150 for the weekend).

How will meals work during the reunion?

The reunion price includes all meals for the weekend, Friday dinner – Monday breakfast. We eat family style in the Eating Lodge. You will see fresh ingredients, local produce, and your favorite camp meal staples. The Miniwanca Food Program is able to accommodate a range of dietary needs—please list all dietary needs and food allergies when you register.

I haven't been back to Miniwanca in a long time. Will I know anyone?

Don’t worry, if you don’t see old friends, you will make new ones right away. Some of the faces may be different since your last visit, but the culture and community are the same— we can’t wait to meet you and hear your favorite camp stories!

What paperwork do I need to complete?

In addition to submitting the online registration form above, we’ll ask for health and travel information through an online form.

How can I help?

We would love help getting the word out! If you are interested in helping with reunion outreach, please fill out a Contact Us form, and we will be in touch!

8845 West Garfield Road
Shelby, MI 49455

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