Campers entering grade 9

Explorer campers entering grade 9 take their first steps in our Four Trails program and will embark on at least one outcamping experience. These challenges help campers develop important life skills such as resiliency, collaboration, organization and planning.

Campers are introduced to the technical campcraft skills with emphasis placed on the journey as much as the destination. Staff-led Village Insight discussions help campers make connections between discoveries made on trail with real life challenges at home and school. Explorer campers spend a fair amount of their camp experience onsite at Merrowvista, providing opportunities for training and team building.

Specific trip details for Explorer 2023 will be available in late 2022.

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2023 Dates & Tuition

Explorers entering grade 9

Session A
July 2 to July 21 (three weeks)
Rate: TBD

Session B
July 23 to August 11 (three weeks)
Rate: TBD


The AYF is committed to making summer camp accessible to all youth. As a nonprofit foundation fueled by generous donations from our alumni and families, the AYF offsets the price of every program for every participant. AYF also offers generous full scholarships and need-based financial aid.

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“Every summer my son returns having made a palpable leap in maturity. Sometimes the progress he's made comes out in a conversation where he expresses a belief system that has no doubt been influenced by the wonderful values reinforced at camp. We use 'best self' as shorthand for asking if behavior is in line with values, and when I ask, 'Are you being your best self right now?' That usually sparks some reflection.”

– Merrowvista Camper Parent