Entering grade 10 for a 3 or 4 week session.

The Adventurer program delivers a summer of self-exploration and group bonding for high schoolers through extended bicycling, backpacking and canoeing trips. Our days are intentional, designed to develop best self, encourage balanced living, and help campers create a positive community. Adventurer groups go on two trips, including a bicycling tour and either backpacking or canoeing.


These trips introduce campers to supported bicycle touring. Prior to departure, campers participate in a ‘shakedown’, or practice ride, to give them a feel for their bike and gear. Merrowvista’s bike mechanics also provide instruction that will empower campers to care for and maintain their bikes on the road. All participants in an AYF cycling experience will need to display an aptitude for biking


Groups hike through the Saddleback and Bigelow mountain ranges along the Appalachian Trail. Ascending some of the most challenging terrain that New England has to offer, they summit several of Maine’s ‘4000-footers’, providing abundant opportunities for both personal reflection and group bonding.


3-week campers enjoy 6 days on the Connecticut River, while the 4-week program offers nine days of paddling along the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.

Additional Information: Learn more through our FAQs, meet our staff or review parent resources.

A Day in the Life

2020 Dates & Tuition

Entering grade 10

Session A
3 week: June 28 – July 16 ($4140)

Session B
4 week: July 19 – August 13 ($4750)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What safety measures does Merrowvista take?

Merrowvista is fully accredited by the American Camp Association and meet or exceed state health requirements and industry safety standards in both our in-camp and adventure trip programs. American Red Cross standards guide our waterfront activities. We have a team of committed, on-site health professionals, staffing multiple fully equipped health centers, with the nearest hospital just 12 miles away. Merrowvista campers are supervised throughout the day and maintain a 1:6 staff to camper ratio so that we can provide a fun, safe summer for our campers.

Will my child feel included at camp?

We enthusiastically welcome children with diverse backgrounds, experiences and identities. We value each camper’s right to fully experience Merrowvista free from prejudice and harassment. All camp staff are trained to supervise campers and to prevent and address incidents of conflict or bullying based on any aspect of a person’s identity, including, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, and religious affiliation.

What qualifications do staff members have?

Staff members strive to be excellent role models by adhering to the camp motto, My own self, At my very best, All the time. Our senior staff members are caring professionals who work with children year-round in camp, school programs and conferences.

Our Four Trails adventure trip leaders are at least 21 years of age, participate in a rigorous 3-week training, and are certified in high-level first aid as Wilderness First Responders. All of our staff members have background checks run against multiple local and national databases.

How do parents communicate with their children during camp?

Children love to hear from their families while at camp! Campers are encouraged to write letters during the session and parents are also welcome to send mail to their camper, or send emails through our one-way email provider, which our office staff print and distribute every day.

If families have an urgent message, question or concern about their child, our directors are always willing to speak with parents on the phone.

What kind of food does Merrowvista serve?

Following our Food Program guiding principles, we aim to serve a variety of healthy options, including a balance of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables incorporated into a child-friendly menu.

Does my child need previous experience to participate in the Four Trails program?

Though there are no hard and fast requirements, Four Trails campers must be in good physical condition and prepared for an experience in the outdoors. Beyond that, a positive attitude and a sense of adventure are the only things necessary to join the Four Trails program. You can review recommended exercise routines in the program handbook under the ‘Resources’ section of this page. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

“Every summer my son returns having made a palpable leap in maturity. He is more helpful at home, even emptying the dishwasher or walking the dog without my begging. He's kinder to his sister, more thoughtful about others. Sometimes the progress he's made comes out in a conversation where he expresses a belief system that has no doubt been influenced by the wonderful values reinforced at camp. We use 'best self' as shorthand for asking if behavior is in line with values and when I ask, 'are you being your best self right now?' That usually sparks some reflection.”

– Merrowvista Camper Parent