Invincible Summer

Building Best Self at Home

When | Weekdays from July 6 to 31

Why | Since we can’t host an in-person camp experience this year, the AYF will offer a free month of online programming to supplement the work we do each year at Merrowvista or Miniwanca to help campers become their best selves and to connect with their camp communities.

During Invincible Summer, our online participants learn how to apply the principles of best self usually taught at camp to their lives at home, connect with the greater AYF community and camp friends, and can attend as much or as little online programming as they like.

What | Everyone is welcome to join the fun at large group events on Zoom like Call to Community, Evening Reflections, and Night’s Doings. Small group meetups will be open for Trailblazer, Four Trails, and Avail campers. We’ll email those Zoom links to campers each week.

Interest Groups and Inspired Best Selves are offered on Canvas, an online learning platform, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Campers must register in advance to participate in these activities. (Here’s how.)

There are plenty of activities for campers to engage in offline, too. Each week, we offer printable Grab-and-Go Activities that bring the fun and tradition of camp home, like making your own GORP or completing Go Getters or Polar Bear at home.

Campers can even participate in a Founder Medal Challenge this year by completing a mix of our Invincible Summer live and at-home activities. Campers earn digital badges on Canvas for each activity, and once they complete the required amount, we’ll mail them a Founder Medal.

Anyone can join the AYF on My Virtual Mission and race to complete the distance equivalent of a Four Trails experience by logging your physical miles on this online platform. My Virtual Mission partners with several popular fitness trackers , or you can manually input your miles each day.

Who | Virtual Summer is designed for kids and teens ages 8 to 20 who’ve previously attended summer camp at Merrowvista and Miniwanca, but participants are encouraged to invite friends to join the fun. Large community events are welcome to all, including family, friends, and neighbors. Camp staff familiar to former campers lead Invincible Summer programs.

Campers will ideally have access to a reliable Internet connection and ability to participate in Zoom video calls in a space with minimal distractions. They can also call into Zoom from a phone, if needed.

Cost | This a free program; there are no tuition or fees required to participate.


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Large Community Events

These events take place on Zoom and are open to the entire AYF community – Miniwanca, Merrowvista, current and past staff, participants, alumni, families and friends.

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Small Group Opportunities

Smaller camper communities gather on Zoom with a camp staffer and peers to chat, play games, and reconnect. Small group chats will be open for Trailblazer, Four Trails, and Avail campers.

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Inspired Best Self

Inspired Best Selves is a powerful program designed to inspire participants ages 12 and older to learn more about who they are and how they plan to live as their best selves this summer.

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Interest Groups

Interest Groups are a great way to try something new and to connect with others over shared activities and common interests. They are open to all campers, but those younger than 8 will need a parent to join them.

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Grab-and-Go Content

Each week, we’ll provide grab-and-go activities for campers to complete away from screens that will be emailed and available to download from our website.

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My Virtual Mission

Anyone can join the AYF on My Virtual Mission, a race to complete the distance equivalent of a Four Trails experience by logging their physical miles on this online platform.

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